Pass the Dutch State examination: Staatsexamen NT2

The Dutchess can help you prepare for your Dutch State Examination NT2, known as the ‘Staatsexamen Nederlands als tweede taal (NT2)’. This exam provides proof that you have a sufficient level of Dutch to enable you to study or work in the Netherlands.

If you want to take a course at MBO (intermediate vocational education) level, then you need Staatsexamen NT2 Programme I. The level of this exam is B1 under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. If you want to take a degree at either a university of applied sciences or a research university in the Netherlands, you need to pass the Dutch Staatsxamen NT2 Programme II, which is at level B2. You will find further information about the different levels under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages here.

Practice exams

The NT2 diploma will demonstrate to your existing and potential employer that you have Dutch language skills at the B1 or B2 level of the Common European Framework. The Dutchess can train you for these national exams. During your lessons, we will first take you to the required level. Then you will practice past exams in each of the four competences required: writing, speaking, listening and reading. This way, you will become familiar with the kind of questions you can expect. Your teacher will give you personal feedback to maximise your preparation for the exam. More information about the Staatsexamen NT2 can be found here.

Successful track record

The Dutchess has a proven track record in preparing students for the Dutch national Staatsexamen NT2, at both levels: State Exam NT2 Programme I and State Exam NT2 Programme II.

We are sure we can help you to prepare for the exam! We would be very happy to inform you during a free introduction.

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