You may like to know more about our courses. Below you will find the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us in case your question is not included.

Do I receive an invoice?2021-12-13T15:48:41+01:00

Yes, The Dutchess is registered with the KVK. So you will receive an invoice for your course.

The Dutchess is registered in “Central Register of Professional Training Institutes” (CRKBO) and therefore exempted from VAT

Will I receive a certificate?2021-12-13T15:45:56+01:00

If you wish, you will receive a certificate upon completion of your course.

Certified language academy2021-12-13T15:45:13+01:00

The quality of the lessons and the satisfaction of the students is extremely important to me. Therefore The Dutchess is included in the register of the CRKBO. Every four years The Dutchess undergoes an extensive audit for continuation of the registration in this register. CRKBO = Central Register of recognized private educational institutions for short professional education.

Are you a certified Dutch teacher?2021-12-13T15:42:17+01:00

I have been teaching since 1994 and online training since 2009. Long before the corona pandemic forced everyone into online education, one could already go to The Dutchess for an online language course. This means that I have extensive experience in online education and know exactly what works best for you. In this way, you will make rapid progress in the language.

Can I prepare for an exam at The Dutchess?2021-12-13T15:40:51+01:00

You can rely on The Dutchess for the preparation of various exams: State Exam NT2, CNaVT, TUL test University Leiden.

I have a lot of experience with these exams and know exactly what to focus on when preparing. Using various practice exams, we train for the real exam and you know exactly what to expect. It is often hard work, but with good results!

Do I have homework?2021-12-13T15:37:55+01:00

The homework is an important part of the course and enables you to practise the structures and vocabulary that we have seen in class independently. We can agree on how much time you can spend on your homework. The more you invest in self-study, the faster you will progress.

Of course, it is also possible to follow the lessons if you cannot find the time for self-study!

What will my lesson be like?2021-12-13T15:36:51+01:00

On the basis of the introductory interview, I will draw up a customised lesson plan for you. I prepare each lesson very thoroughly and especially for you.

Many students find it important to practise their speaking skills, which is why a large part of the lesson is reserved for speaking.  On the basis of reading and listening assignments that you prepare at home, you get the chance to practice your Dutch. I will correct you immediately if you make a mistake.

We also focus on grammar, trying to present the grammar in ‘bite-sized chunks’ so that it remains clear. There is plenty of opportunity to practice the grammar, both in the lessons and in the homework.

Do you only wish to improve your writing skills? Then the focus of the lessons will naturally be on this aspect.

At the end of each lesson, you will receive an e-mail with the homework to prepare for the next lesson.

I don’t know my level2021-12-13T15:35:47+01:00

Before you book a course with The Dutchess, you first have the opportunity to get an introduction lesson for free. In this free introduction meeting we can determine your level. The Dutchess teaches all levels, from beginners to advanced: CEFR-levels 0 – A1 – A2 –  B1 –  B2 – C1. I am also happy to help you prepare for various exams, for example Staatsexamen NT2, CNaVT

When do the lessons take place?2021-12-13T15:34:20+01:00

You can start your lessons whenever you like and plan one or more lessons per week. However, you should take self-study into account. Some students like to have their lessons on the same day and time every week. Others cannot because of their work/college schedule and plan each lesson on the next appointment.  / If this is not possible because of your work, for example, we can schedule the next appointment each class.

The evenings are very popular and unfortunately currently fully booked.

How many students are there in my group?2021-12-13T15:34:58+01:00

All lessons at The Dutchess are individual. This is the best way to improve your language skills. You will get all the attention of your teacher and the lessons will be completely focussed on you. It is the best way to improve your speaking skills!

Do I need a book for my Dutch course?2021-12-13T15:31:32+01:00

In the lessons, we generally use a book. This provides structure to the lessons. Which book that is, depends entirely on your level, your wishes and the goal of your Dutch course. During the free introductory meeting, we decide together which book is best for you.

It is also possible to use material from the internet, possibly in addition to a book. For example, by using articles from newspapers and magazines, news programmes, etc. more advanced course members can further expand their vocabulary and practice their speaking skills.

If you want to prepare yourself for an exam, for example the Staatsexamen NT2, and you already have the level of the exam, you probably don’t need a book. With the help of practice exams you will be completely prepared.