Online privat Dutch course

Online private Dutch course via Skype: professional, enjoyable and effective from The Dutchess

Are you looking for a Dutch course via Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams? The Dutchess offers personal and professional private lessons directly via your own computer or tablet. So, there is no travel time involved. In fact, you don’t even have to be in the Netherlands at all! This means that Dutch lessons from the Dutchess are ideal if you want to learn Dutch before you come to the Netherlands. Because you can follow your lessons anywhere and at any time. The lessons are aimed at learning to speak Dutch or improving your Dutch conversational skills. But The Dutchess can also help you prepare for your Dutch national exam ‘Staatsexamen NT2’. Lessons are tailor-made to your needs and level, from beginners to advanced.

State Exam Dutch for speakers of other languages (NT2)

Dutch lessons from The Dutchess are tailored to your level and aims. Whether you want to learn Dutch for your work, for pleasure or for the Dutch national exam ‘Staatsexamen NT2’, The Dutchess can help. With years of experience in teaching students of all levels, The Dutchess can prepare you for both levels of the Dutch ‘Staatsexamen NT2’: Programmes I and II. Find more information here.

Dutch lessons from the Dutchess are ideal if you:

  • Are moving to live and/or work in the Netherlands (expats);
  • Need to take the Dutch national ‘Staatsexamen NT2’
  • Don’t speak any Dutch at all yet
  • Already speak some Dutch, but want to improve your self-confidence and Dutch conversational skills
  • Want to improve your pronunciation
  • Are looking for an easy way to learn in the comfort of your own home, from your work, or even from outside of the Netherlands
Online Private Dutch course via Skype

What do you need?

You don’t need much in order to be able to take the Dutch course via Skype : just a computer or tablet with an internet connection, a Skype account, earphones with a microphone and, ideally, a webcam. If you prefer to follow your Dutch course via Teams, GoToMeeting or Zoom, this is of course also possible.

Online private Dutch course via Skype

Lessons content

Each lesson lasts 55 minutes and takes place live via a direct Skype link with your teacher. In the Skype lesson you are encouraged to speak as much as possible, to ensure you learn to speak Dutch as quickly as possible. You will cover various topics and your private teacher will use a variety of methods to maximise the effectiveness of your lessons. You will also be sent homework by email to prepare for your next lesson. Read more about the content of the lessons here.

What should you do if you’re interested in this online private Dutch course?

If you would like to follow an online Dutch course with The Dutchess, this is what you should do next:

  1. You or your employer should complete the form requesting a free-of-charge introduction, or simply send an email
  2. The Dutchess will then contact you to set up a suitable time for a Skype appointment
  3. During the appointment, you will discuss your level, your precise learning aims and desired results. If you already speak Dutch, you will also be given an intake test to determine your current level
  4. Together with your teacher, you will decide how many lessons you want to follow and with what frequency
  5. You will be sent a proposal and if you accept this, you will be sent an invoice
  6. You can then make the appointment for the date and time of your first lesson
  7. The invoice should be paid by either you or your employer before the first lesson
  8. Part way through your course, your teacher will carry out an interim evaluation with you, to discuss your progress and assess if the lessons are meeting your expectations
  9. At the end of your course, your teacher will carry out a final assessment and evaluation with you

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