The face behind The Dutchess

“Pleased to meet you! My name is Nathalie van de Water–Rodriguez. As the daughter of a Spanish mother and Dutch father, I was raised to be completely bi-lingual. In 1994, during my own degree studies in Spanish Language & Literature,  I began teaching Spanish to groups of adults and later went on to give private courses through various language institutes. Since 1998, I have also been teaching Dutch as a second language (NT2) and have specialised in giving one-to-one Dutch language courses at different levels.”

European quality standards

“I set up The Dutchess in 2009 after identifying a need for a professional online language school, where students could follow tailor-made one-to-one Dutch language courses efficiently and in comfort. Taking a language course online now has become quite common since we are dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. I have more than 10 years of experience in teaching online Dutch courses.”

The Dutchess is a recognised private educational establishment for short professional courses and listed in the Dutch CRKBO register for such institutions. Courses, therefore, meet European quality standards.

Private lessons via Skype

“Your online Dutch course is an individual course. Private lessons are the most effective way to learn a language. This is because you learn at your own pace and the lessons are tailored to your personal needs and level.

An additional advantage of the online lessons is that you do not lose any travelling time, because the lessons take place via your computer or tablet. Moreover, you can follow the lessons when it suits you.
When I started The Dutchess in 2009, taking online lessons via Skype was really something new. Students were amazed that they could learn a language in such an effective way. Since Covid-19, everyone is used to online meetings and lectures via Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Because I have many years of experience in providing online language courses, I know exactly how to make the lessons as effective as possible for you. From the beginning you will be speaking Dutch.”

Contact The Dutchess

Do you have any questions about the content of the lessons or the fees? Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also request a free introduction.

CRKBO registered Dutch course
The Dutchess - Nathalie van de Water