"To be able to study in the Netherlands, I needed a Staatsexamen NT2 level B2 diploma. I only had 5 weeks. I looked a lot on the internet for good courses but the only course that was so flexible was the one with Nathalie. I had online lessons with Nathalie every day, she sent me assignments every day, corrected my assignments and taught me the Dutch language with a lot of commitment and fun. And finally, after 5 weeks of learning Dutch, I passed! I can recommend this course to everyone because Nathalie is a teacher who really wants you to succeed and is also very dedicated to her students. (For example, she taught me during her holiday week!) A very big thank you to Nathalie!" [ This is a translation of Amélies Dutch review] (Amélie was a beginner and took one hour of online lessons every day for five weeks. Thanks to her enormous effort, motivation and eagerness, she has passed her NT2 Programme II state exam and is now allowed to study in the Netherlands).  

"After 5 weeks of learning Dutch, I passed the State Exam NT2 B2 level!"

Amélie M., Germany

"I will never be able to get ready for my civic integration exam without my sessions with The Dutchess. I spent some time at night school but my Dutch was not good enough for the exams. Nathalie knows exactly what to do. The lessons are effective, to-the-point and I cannot thank her enough for all the help and encouragement. Do not hesitate to ask Nathalie's help if you have any need in your Dutch learning. I'm sure she'll cater the teaching to your needs, as she did with me."

"The lessons are effective, to-the-point and I cannot thank her enough for all the help and encouragement"

Lulu, China

"I was recommended to study with Nathalie by another person with the same native language as mine. After a year of studying I was able to pass the Dutch Naturalization examination(inburgering), which was my desired goal.

Nathalie is extremely great and talented teacher. Her guidance and methods worked very well for me in private remote Skype lessons. She was always patient and kind when correcting my mistakes. The amount of homework was sufficient, I had enough time to prepare for the next lesson.

Overall I am extremely happy that Nathalie was my teacher and I will definitely recommend her to all my friends who would like to learn Dutch."

(Max lives in the Netherlands and prepared for the civic integration exam. He took one lesson a week.)

"Nathalie is extremely great and talented teacher."

Max T, Ukraine

"For me it was almost the only choice since I live in Switzerland and it’s hard to find a good Dutch teacher here. Nathalie, you are so organized and every minute of the lesson was useful. You are the best language teacher I’ve ever seen or can imagine!"

"Every minute of the lesson was useful"

Tatiana S., Switzerland (Russia)

"I chose a course via Skype at The Dutchess because I wanted to learn at home. The course material was adapted to my level, the amount of homework was just right and I could learn at my own level. I have gained more self-confidence when speaking. I liked everything about the course! Nathalie is a perfect teacher!"

"I liked everything about the course!"

Stephani D., Germany

"I am very glad that I chose The Dutchess! Otherwise I would never have been able to master the language so quickly and, above all, to go to the NT2 exam so confidently. Because I could practice it individually, I was not really afraid to speak Dutch at my school. Advantages: you can follow the lessons from home and you do not need extra time for travelling to and from the course. Moreover, it is 1 on 1 so very personal and individual. Disadvantages: the dependence on technology, because the Internet at my home sometimes did not work properly. I really liked the course, especially the structure and the build-up of the lessons." - Johanna had to prepare for the NT2 exam in a very short space of time in order to be able to continue her studies in physiotherapy.

"The lessons are 1 on 1, so very personal."

Johanna R., Germany

"Thank you very much for this course! A perfect preparation for the NT2 exam. Nathalie is a super teacher!"

"A perfect preparation for the NT2 exam."

Désiree K., Switzerland

"I wanted to learn Dutch and via Skype it is easy to decide when you have the lesson and you are alone with the teacher so it is an intensive lesson. The amount of homework and the course material was just right. I gained more self-confidence when speaking. When I started, I didn't speak Dutch and now, after 2 years, I'm satisfied with my level. I would definitely recommend the course at The Dutchess because it is a good language course! You can learn a lot very quickly. Each lesson you are alone with the teacher and so you talk a lot, you can repeat what you did not understand well and you can choose when you have the lesson. I think there are no disadvantages, maybe the course is expensive but you pay for the quality and the advantages that you have. I liked the teaching method of The Dutchess! (except for the lesson on 'politics' which I found a little boring ; )

"I gained more self-confidence when speaking."

Marzia P., Italy

"The course at The Dutchess was suggested by my boss and a colleague. I also find that the Skype lessons are more convenient than the traditional lessons for someone who works full-time (like me). This online language course helped me a lot and therefore I would recommend The Dutchess. In terms of benefits, a Skype course is more flexible than a traditional course. You can take it no matter where you live and without spending time travelling. I cannot find any disadvantage. I like the fact that the course pays a lot of attention to speaking, without forgetting that the basis for good speaking skills is grammar and vocabulary. It would be useful to find listening exercises in which people do not speak slowly and clearly. (I think that finding these exercises is a difficult task)" - Eva is working as a dentist in The Netherlands

"I like the fact that the course pays a lot of attention to speaking, without forgetting that the basis for good speaking skills is grammar and vocabulary"

Eva D., Greece

"I chose a course at The Dutchess because it would be faster and easier compared to a regular course. The homework was difficult and a lot but really necessary in my case. I liked the efficient lesson plan and the one-to-one methodology. I also liked: the structure of the lessons, the feedback during the lesson, the quick correction of the homework, the knowledge of the material being worked with, the summary of each lesson via e-mail and the good motivation. The time was short but the lessons were very intensive and well planned. I found it very helpful when I received feedback on my pronunciation. I loved it when Nathalie sent me a list of my own typical mistakes. I have already recommended the course to others. Thank you Nathalie for your help. Now I dare to speak more with Dutch people. I found the material we used during the lesson very good. The tips on registering for the exam and on how and when I could look at the results were very useful. I am completely satisfied with the method and the results of my NT2 exam. I hope to have more lessons in the future." - Marisol passed the Staatsexamen NT2 programma II in one go.

"The lessons were very intensive and well planned"

Marisol A., Colombia

"For a long time, I searched the internet for Dutch teachers. I had already acquired a basic knowledge of the Dutch language through self-study. But I lacked the practical application. Then I came across an advertisement of Nathalie on the Internet. She offers professional lessons in the Dutch language via Skype. I contacted Nathalie and we arranged a free lesson so that she could get an idea of my current level in the Dutch language and I could get to know her methodology in class. This lesson completely convinced me. If the client books 10 lessons with Nathalie, he even gets an extra discount. I have had a total of 20 lessons with Nathalie and I am very enthusiastic about the result. I can now communicate with the Dutch world, which, as we know, extends to the Caribbean, even if there are occasional small mistakes. I would never have achieved that in my self-study. I can highly recommend the lessons with Nathalie."

"I can highly recommend the lessons with Nathalie"

Andreas H., Germany

"I chose a course via Skype because it is both practical and one-to-one. Firstly, I wanted a course that I could take at home and secondly, I wanted a course of high quality. I have gained more self-confidence in speaking because the course is mainly based on speaking. I would recommend a course at The Dutchess to anyone because I have seen that it is the fastest and most efficient way to learn a language. The teacher (in consultation with you) organises a personal programme for you that best suits your needs. She gives you enough time to practise speaking and also the opportunity to ask questions. The course material has a good structure and offers many opportunities (videos, articles, etc.) to improve your language skills. For these reasons, I am very satisfied with the course."

I have gained more self-confidence in speaking because the course is mainly based on speaking.

Can B., PhD student from Istanbul

"I chose this course because it is very flexible and it is a very good opportunity to work from home. The course material was exactly adapted to my level. The speaking assignments gave me the opportunity to practise my speaking so that it is no longer a big problem to say something in Dutch. With The Dutchess I could prepare myself very well for the state examination NT2. The lessons were always well structured and Nathalie explained everything clearly so that I, for example, understood the grammar very well. One of the advantages is that the homework can be sent by e-mail. This makes it easier and faster to discuss errors in the homework during the lessons."

Eva wanted to study in the Netherlands and had to take the NT2 state examination, which she passed.

Eva S. Issum, Germany, student

Because it was the only way to get a high level of Dutch in a relatively short time (4 months), I chose a Skype course from The Dutchess. Furthermore, due to my work I did not have enough time to go to a language school for each lesson. The advantages are: the lessons are personal, intensive, easy to follow from home. A sometimes bad internet connection can be a disadvantage and no "real" contact between teacher and student. The grammar is well covered and repeated. The preparation for the State Examination is very authentic with old exams to practice with. Good feedback. I would definitely recommend an online course at The Dutchess. The reasons are the above mentioned advantages and the good teaching method.

Passed the NT2 state examination programme II with high scores and is studying in Amsterdam.

Eva S. München, Germany

"Through a colleague I came to The Dutchess because the lessons are easy to plan. The material was exactly adapted to my level. Now I approach people more often than before because I am sure that I can communicate well in Dutch. I would recommend an online language course with The Dutchess because during the lessons you are constantly motivated by the teacher to reach your goal (sometimes you need that extra push). The lessons are well prepared and adapted to your own level and needs. The advantages of a course via Skype are: very easy and flexible to plan lessons. You don't have to spend time going to a school. The disadvantages: sometimes the internet connection was not good and that caused a poor quality of the video."

Ramon has passed the State Exam NT2 programme II and has started the naturalisation procedure.

Ramon D., Deventer (NL) Project Leader RD&I

"The lessons are private, but cheaper and you can schedule them whenever you wish. I only find advantages in this Skype course. I have a bit more confidence now when speaking."

Evangelia S., Hoofddorp, Nederland Marketing & PR Manager (Greece)

"I will definitely recommend this course. As there was no course near me, I chose this one. I find that the teacher corrects and helps a lot, without making you feel bad. She makes you learn and speak a lot and she does it all in a very friendly way. The homework was a lot."

Zara had to prepare for the State Examination NT2 Programme II in a very short time in order to study in the Netherlands. She passed all parts in one go with fantastically high scores.

Zara H., Düsseldorf, Duitsland student

"I chose the course at The Dutchess because I could study at home and the teacher would only focus on me because it is a one-to-one lesson. I liked everything about the course: the explanation of the grammar, the amount of homework and also the price. I recommend the course because I think he/she would enjoy the course as much as I did. The advantages are: no loss of time with travelling, I can study at home and get full attention from the teacher."

Hong prepared for the State Examination NT2 Programme II. She passed all parts the first time, except listening. There she was only 2 points short. Unfortunately, Hong had to return to Vietnam due to a visa problem.

Hong H, Vietnam student

"I am very happy that I found Nathalie. She helped me to achieve C1 level so that I can start the Master of Medicine. Her lessons were personal and goal-oriented, which enabled me to prepare for the medical Dutch C1 assessment. She explains difficult grammar in a very clear way. I learned so much in each lesson! I have been learning Dutch for years and I always struggled with the same mistakes. Thanks to Nathalie's lessons, I finally understand these tricky grammar rules! She is not only a very good teacher, but also organised and motivating. I recommend everyone who wants to learn Dutch in a fast and easy way to try her lessons."  

Ivanka prepared for the Groningen University C1 assessment

Ivanka van W, USA

"A friend of mine gave me the advice to follow the Dutch course with The Dutchess. It was a good possibility to learn Dutch quickly and easily. I have more confidence when speaking Dutch. It's much easier because you have to speak a lot each lesson. There are no disadvantages. The advantages are, for example, that you have 1-to-1 lessons and that it is easy to organize. And Nathalie is a very good teacher so you speak Dutch well quickly. I had to prepare for the State exam NT2 and I passed!"

"You have to speak a lot each lesson"

Stefan L, Dresden (student)

"In my opinion, a course with The Dutchess only has advantages. I didn't want to waste time traveling to and from the lesson. Lessons via Skype was ideal for me. And the best is, of course: there are no other students, it's private lessons. The method is good. There was one type of exercises I didn't like so much, but is was necessary to improve my Dutch! I can speak more fluent now and with less mistakes!"

"In my opinion a course with The Dutches only has advantages"

Julia A, Ukraïne

"I have chosen for a course with The Dutchess because it is easy and useful. In the lessons I could really practise my speaking skills and I have more confidence now when speaking. The material of the course was adapted to my level."

"I could really practice my speaking skills"

Elena, Rusland

“I live abroad, and it was hard to find Dutch courses locally, so lessons via Skype were ideal. The Dutchess helped me prepare for the Dutch citizenship exams. I passed the first time and was able to start the naturalisation process straight away. I’m now a Dutch citizen. The teaching method worked well for me. The books and the online materials are also good. Of course, what you get out of the courses depends on your own motivation and discipline. The interaction with the teacher is really good because lessons are 1-to-1. The Dutchess definitely helped me pass the citizenship exam first time!"

“I managed to pass my citizenship exam the first time, thanks to The Dutchess.”

Rosen C., Zurich, Zwitserland

“I chose to follow a Dutch course with The Dutchess because there are no Dutch teachers where I was living in Estonia. It was really easy learning Dutch via Skype. I told my teacher exactly what I needed to learn, and what wasn’t so important for me. The lessons were tailored completely to my needs. The teacher also had lots of her own ideas to make the lessons more interesting. I would definitely recommend learning Dutch with The Dutchess.” – Hanna is now working as a radiologist in a hospital in Deventer.”

“There are no Dutch teachers in my country, so Skype lessons were perfect.”

Hanna L., Estland arts

"As a salesperson for industrial goods, I travel a lot for my work and spend one week every month in the Netherlands. It was great that I was able to follow the lessons in my office or at home. What I learnt was just what I needed for my work. The lessons were well structured with lots of chances for me to speak. Also, the grammar was exactly what I needed. The best thing was that I could do the lessons anywhere that suited me: at home or in the office I felt at ease and was able to learn better. My confidence increased all the time."

“I travel to the Netherlands for my work. The lessons taught me just what I need.”

Susanne B., Germany Industriekauffrau, Kemira

"Thanks for an enjoyable and useful course! I’m now able to ask questions and answer people when they ask me something. That’s made my life here as a manufacturing engineer much easier now! During the course I had lots of opportunity to speak. I held interesting conversations with my teacher and she corrected my mistakes. There was quite a lot of homework, but it was good. I also found the video exercises useful. The method was good and I can’t think of any disadvantages. The main advantage of The Dutchess is the flexibility: I could do the lessons at home, at work or on my travels."

“The flexibility of the lessons really suited me. And I really enjoyed the course.”

Francesco B., Italy Manufacturing Engineer, Cisco

“I’ve been living in Belgium for some time and wanted to improve my conversational skills as I have a lot of contact with Dutch. The course was tailored to my needs, my level and my speed. I was able to follow the course from home at times that suited me. I was given immediate and personal feedback on my mistakes. I’m definitely more confident speaking Dutch now. In group lessons you don’t get as much opportunity to speak. And if you do get the chance to practice speaking, it’s often with another student. With a course from The Dutchess, you spend much of every lesson speaking. So, it’s easier to improve and to become more confident. The benefits of doing a course with The Dutchess are: you can have the lessons when and where you want; there’s no travel time; if the weather’s bad, you don’t have to leave the house; if you’re away, you can follow the lessons from your hotel room on your laptop. A disadvantage is that you need internet. I thought the method was really good and it worked well for me. I liked the fact that I could set the pace."

“I wanted to improve my conversation skills and the course was tailored to my needs, my level and my speed.”

Julie, Belgium accountant

The Dutchess Language Academy provided an excellent learning environment for my Dutch studies. I set out to achieve a level A2 on the CEFR scale, with only a couple of months to study. I had no knowlegde of the language at the beginning of the learning proces and was able to successfully achieve my goal of passing the A2 exam. The Dutchess Language Academy provided lessons that were flexible to my learning needs throughout the process. I would recommend The Dutchess to anyone who's goal is to learn a language properly and efficiently.

Quinten G., Fontainebleau (Fr.)

“The Dutchess helped me quickly and successfully prepare for the TUL exam. I gained excellent results, including passing 2 exams with full marks. I chose The Dutchess because I wanted to learn Dutch quickly and the course looked professional because it’s CRKBO registered. The information on the website was clear and there were lots of positive references. It was good that you could do a test lesson and that everything can be adjusted to suit the individual needs of each student. There was a lot of homework but the course materials were just right for my level. Some of the exercises in the book took a bit too long because there was a lot of text. And I wasn’t sure they were effective. Otherwise, everything was really good and I’m really pleased everything went so well! Now I’m finally confident speaking Dutch."

“I chose The Dutchess because the course looked professional (CRKBO registered). I was right!”

Miriam B. Germany

“I needed to pass the Dutch national Staatsexamen NT2 Programme II in order to be able to study at university in the Netherlands. The lessons with the Dutchess were ideal because I could study at home, which really saved time. I think there are so many benefits to learning via Skype. You study in the comfort of your own home, there’s no travel and lessons are 1-to-1. It’s a really great system. The exercises are good and you get lots of opportunity to practice speaking during the lessons. I was well-prepared when it came to taking the Staatsexamen and passed without a problem. I’ve also recommended Dutch courses with the Dutchess to others, not least because I really enjoyed working with Nathalie and talking to her. :)"

“Thanks to The Dutchess, I passed the national Staatsexamen and am now studying at a Dutch university.”

Mira D., Waakirchen, Duitsland – Student

"Dutch is rather difficult for me to learn, but my teacher really helps me understand everything. We also have fun in our lessons. I feel at ease and want to learn more."

“I feel at ease in the lessons and my teacher is really helpful.”

Noi P., Bangkok, Thailand

“I’ve got friends in the Netherlands and wanted to be able to communicate with them better. The course was much better than I was expecting. And the lessons of 55 minutes were ideal. I had plenty of time to practice speaking, and I now feel much more confident talking to my friends in Dutch. I work irregular hours, so I couldn’t join a normal course. Following the course via Skype has lots of advantages. Lessons are more intensive that with other courses. The teaching method worked well for me and I also enjoyed the lessons – and even doing my homework! I can’t think of any disadvantages of this way of learning Dutch. And the price was right too."

“Working irregular hours meant I couldn’t join a standard course.”

Thomas B., Duitsland